How do i make a Booking
All bookings are online only via the booking form

Our payments terms are Cash Only on completion. An invoice of works is provided.

6 Months Warranty on spiders cockroaches silverfish
3 Months Internal Ants Warranty

Are you licensed
Yes our Queensland Pest license number is PMTO – 15183

What Areas or Suburbs do you Service?
We service areas from PIMPAMA to PALM BEACH only

What areas do you treat in the $180 general pest control treatment
The $180 is a premium service that treats for Spiders Cockroaches Ants Silverfish and most crawling pests.
Your home is fully treated Inside and Outside
Roof Void is Dust Treated/Fumigated
We will spray treat all internal rooms, outside house walls and eaves, garages, sheds, outdoor furniture, play equipment, clothes lines, pool areas, pergolas etc..
Your kitchen cupboards are also treated with long lasting cockroach bait.
Rest assured we only use Quality Long Lasting Chemicals that are only available to licensed pest controllers.
Product acts as a long lasting surface spray which builds a barrier around your home, when an insect crawls along treated areas they pick up a lethal dose of the chemical and slowly die.
The product usually lasts between 6 to 12 months with most customers re booking after 12 months.

Do i Need to Empty out my Kitchen Cupboards
No we place long life cockroach gel baits inside your cupboards
However – if you have a major problem with cockroaches in your kitchen you can empty ALL contents inside the cupboards and we can then spray treat inside your cupboards – FREE.
NOTE cupboards must be emptied before we arrive

Are the products used safe
Yes We only use quality Pyrethroid products, which give excellent results
They are 100% safe for your family and pets. No Odours or Fumes
The products we use are only available to licensed pest controllers, they are designed to be used in homes, child care centres, hospitals, restaurants etc..

The chemicals we use are rain fast and designed to stick onto dry surfaces. Rain will not wash the chemicals away.
Try and make a booking when there is no rain about. We do not spray treat if there is heavy rain about.

When can i re enter my home
We ask that you don’t be in the house while we treating inside rooms.
Once we are finished inside it is safe to re enter, there are no fumes or odours.
The treated areas may still be wet for about 30 minutes so best to avoid touching spray treated areas.

How To Best Prepare for a Pest Treatment
Do not book in any other Trades people at time of your service
House cleaning,mopping vacuuming is best done before your pest service
Pick up any loose items around home eg, toys, clothes etc..so we have good access to spray treat skirting boards
Do not have washing out on clothes line
Have Cars out of garages so we can fully treat your garage area.
Remove any pet food water bowls or turn them over
Have side gates unlocked so we can access backyards
Fish Ponds/Tanks Need to be covered up
Plan ahead book when there is no rain about