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We Kill * Spiders * Cockroaches * Ants * Silverfish *
Full Service Pest Control Houses
House's sprayed INSIDE & OUTSIDE + Roof Void Dust Treated
* Spiders * Cockroaches * Ants * Silverfish
Service Includes:
* Cockroach Baiting to Kitchen Cupboards
* Ant Treatments
* All internal Rooms Spray Treated
* External House Walls & Eaves Spray Treated
* Garages, Sheds, Outdoor Living Areas, Outdoor Furniture, Play Equipment, Pool Areas, all Treated
+ Free Warranty Period
Prices apply to Standard homes.
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Quality Friendly Service - Only the Best Quality Products Used
Safe for Family,  Kids,  Pets & Plants  - No Odours - No Stains
$99 Rental Exit Sprays
We provide spray treatments for tenants leaving their rental properties.
Price applies to empty homes and after final cleanup has been done.
Includes written invoice and report for the Real Estate Agent.
Servicing Coomera to Robina.
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We are a Gold Coast pest control company specialising in general pest control treatments for residential homes. Using only the best and safest products which are long lasting, safe for family and pets and leave no nasty smells or stains. Offering quality friendly service we take the time to thoroughly treat all areas of your home. No contractors rushing in and out of your home. We are always respectful of your home and property and offer professional, prompt and courteous service that will have you enjoying pest free yards, pools, entertaining areas, gardens and homes.
 We spray treat all internal rooms, outside walls of house, garage, pool areas, outdoor furniture,        kids play equipment cubby houses, pergolas, sheds, deck areas etc..
• We dust treat your roof void, cracks and crevices.
• We provide bait treatments for cockroaches and bait treatments for ants.
• We use odorless solutions with no toxic fumes.
• We only use quality Pyrethroid products, which give excellent results. 
• They are 100% safe for your family and pets. 
Servicing Coomera to Robina.
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How To Best Prepare for a Pest Treatment 
Do not book in any other Trades people at time of your service
Do not have washing out on clothes line
Have cars out of garage and driveways
Remove any pet food water bowls or turn them over
Pick up any loose items inside your home eg toys clothes so we have good access to spray skirting boards
Have side gates unlocked so we can access backyards
Any Cleanups, Renovations, Painting etc.. should be done before your pest control service 
Cut lawns short if having this treated 
Top 10 Pest Control Tips & Hints
1. Do not store cardboard boxes at home. Cardboard boxes brought into your home from hardware stores, supermarkets, removal companies etc.. often contain hundreds of cockroach eggs within the cardboard layers.
2. Trim back bushes and branches away from your home and roof. Roofs rats can easily use these to climb into your roof area.
3. Take out rubbish every night from inside your home dont leave food scraps out overnight as this will attract roaches.
4. Keep sink clean and wash dishes daily, if dishes cannot be washed keep them soaked under water overnight.
5. Wipe down benches daily and empty the crumb tray of your toaster. I have seen families of cockroaches happily living in the bottom of many a toaster.
6. Eliminate all potential food and water sources - fix any leaking taps around the home. Like humans insects require a food and water source remove these will help in a pest free home.
7. Keep gardens and lawns neat and tidy. Avoid having long tall grasses were ticks and spiders can breed and hide.
8. Avoid stagnate pools of water around your home, this can increase the breeding of mozzies and midges around your home. Some areas that can hold water are clogged up gutters, tarps, tyres, pot plant trays, bird bath water etc..
9. Seal up cracks around your home. Use caulk to seal up gaps around pipes, windows, door frames, flooring etc..
10. Cleanliness - the cleaner your home the less attraction it will have for common pests and the less chance for pests to live and breed in your home.

Pest Control Services for Gold Coast homes in the Coomera to Robina areas.

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Have been using Supa Pest for 3 years now - happy to recommend to my family and friends.- Chris, Arundel
Good quality service from Supa Pest Control, we always use them for our annual pest control treatment for spiders cockroaches and ants.- Angela, Parkwood
Wow i used the $99 pest control service. Great Value and Service, killed all my pest problems :)- Tania, Pacific Pines

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